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Your motorhome holiday swap

The concept of exchanging is a fast growing market and trend. House exchanges are now huge business, and have been established internationally since the 1950s, with Intervac alone dealing with 12,000 families exchanging houses for holidays each season. Boat exchanges are now also commonplace. The truth is that holidays are expensive, and so if you can save a large part of the cost of the holiday in this way, you might as well do so! It’s now the turn of the motorhome. And by exchanging motorhomes you save money on transport and accommodation in one fell swoop. It’s a great way to save money. And it works.

The arrival of a massive network of cheap flight operators has opened up Europe, and to some extent the world to millions of people. They are able to holiday in places which ten years ago they were only able to dream about.

With motorhome holiday swap you can have the savings, convenience comfort and flexibility that your motorhome has for many years provided you in your own country on trips many thousands of miles from home.

What we do?

We use up to date computer technology to provide our members with detailed information about people and their motorhomes of like mind in various countries around the world, so that you can contact them and decide whether to exchange motorhomes (or R.V as they are known in America).

Each member will complete an application form on-line which gives details of the region of the country where they live, and of course where their motorhome is sited, and the type of motorhomes they own and they are seeking. Thus you will be able to browse through the areas of the world that you want to holiday in, cross reference dates that they might be available for exchange, and look at photos of the vehicles and their owners. The only major cost for the holiday is then the cost of getting to the motorhome itself.

We ask people to tell us a little bit about themselves, and provide some background information about the area they live in and places in their country within easy driving distance by motorhome.

What you need to do

First please read the rest of these notes, then complete the application form (click on Register here ) and send us up to three photos of your motorhome - inside and out, some details i.e. age of your vehicle, model type and features which will be used with your entry. It’s important that everyone feels they are getting a good and fair exchange. You will be asked which countries you would like to visit, whether you prefer a smoker or a non smoker motorhome, when you want to make your exchange, whether you would prefer your motorhome not to be used by small children, how many berths does it contain, and its age and mileage.

The prospective people who will be exchanging with you will be interested in details about you and your family before they come to drive and live in your motorhome, and vice versa and most people will strike up a relationship on the email and a phone call or two before the agreement takes place.

You might want to nominate a friend or relative to look over your motorhome when it is returned with keys before you hand yours back, problems are incredibly rare, but it’s an easy and simple insurance policy for you all. In any case both parties will insure the motorhomes in their own name for the period of the exchange.

Cost and Savings

By exchanging motorhomes most motorhome owners will save significant sums of money. Motorhomes are expensive to hire, and saving this will mean you have much much more to spend on your holiday than you otherwise would have, or you will be able to holiday much further afield.

You will be obliged to insure the motorhome you are borrowing for yourself during the exchange period.