how it wrks

Motorhome Holiday Swap started like most brilliant ideas because I had the idea of swapping motorhomes with some friends who live in France. They came over here and toured the North of England and we went over there and toured France, we both had similarly sized vehicles, as it happens we both had children of similar age, and we both saved ourselves a fortune. We had two weeks of free campervan, and so did they, and were able to do a great deal more in the way of eating out and enjoying ourselves than we would otherwise have been able to do. We returned the vehicle in tip top condition, and returned to our own equally pristine and as sparkling clean as we had ever seen it. Such a simple idea, but it worked.

It occurred to me that with an increasing number of people investing in motorhomes, there would be many thousands of people like us, in the same boat, with the same potential swap to be had. They just needed to know that it could happen, safely, and crucially they needed to be put in touch with one another. So for once I decided to go for it, and to make my idea a reality. We’re a family run business, based in the most unspoilt area of England, in rural Northumberland, and we have enjoyed holidaying in our motorhome for many years. We know that there are thousands of like minded people out there, on the site, like you, people who take pride in their vehicles and will take pride in other people’s vehicles that they exchange with, who love travelling but are doing so on a budget.

Our job, and it’s a nice job to have, is to put you all in touch with one another. So here’s to motorhome exchanges worldwide.